Founded on April 7th as Frachtcontor Gesellschaft m. b. H. by Deutsches Kohlen-Depot (German Coal Depot).

Establishment of the shipping line Seereederei “Frigga”, in which Frachtcontor holds a share of 25.33 %. The co-founders, a group of mining companies, the fleet comprises eight steamships with a total capacity of 50,000 tons. Frachtcontor becomes exclusive agent for Seereederei “Frigga”.

Founding of Poseidon Schiffahrt GmbH with Hugo Stinnes.

Gründung der Poseidon Schiffahrt GmbH zusammen mit Hugo Stinnes.

In connection with its shareholding in Seereederei “Frigga”, Frachtcontor obtains the exclusive right to act as chartering agent for leading iron and steel works for ore transport services from Scandinavia.

Frachtcontor is converted into a limited partnership (Frachtcontor Junge & Co.) with Managing Director Erwin Junge as general partner.

Sale of Frachtcontor’s share in Seereederei “Frigga” AG.

Stinnes Group, owner of Poseidon Schiffahrt GmbH (Poseidon), acquires 50 % of Frachtcontor. The Chartering department of Poseidon is combined with the Chartering department of Frachtcontor.

Establishment of the Tanker department offering chartering services for liquid bulk cargo.

Establishment of Agency department.

Frachtcontor acquires 100 % of Poseidon.

Stinnes AG becomes the sole shareholder of Frachtcontor.

Frachtcontor returns to a limited company – Frachtcontor Junge & Co. GmbH.

Centenary of Frachtcontor on April 7

Takeover of Frachtcontor by the management together with other partners active in the shipping business.

Frachtcontor merges its Tanker department with the Tanker Broker team of John T. Essberger GmbH & Co. KG to found Frachtcontor-Essberger Tanker Brokers GmbH & Co. KG (FET), operating from the Frachtcontor headquarters in Hamburg.

Frachtcontor acquires the port agency K. Mestermann in Bremen (since 2012: Frachtcontor-Mestermann).

 Frachtcontor acquires 100 % of FET which is renamed in Frachtcontor Tanker Brokers.

Founding of the Frachtcontor Shipbrokers DMCC in Dubai